January 29, 2013

The First Dorito

Ahh Doritos! An unhealthy tasty snack that always went well with my peanut butter & jellies during grade school years. Sometimes I would grab the whole bag, head back to my room, and play the shit out of some Super Nintendo.. I always made myself sick by eating too many. It could've also been the sprite I drank I guess but I'll always have this nauseas memory of Doritos.

My main inspiration for this post though is how the first chip tastes versus the following chips. I never like the first one! I'm not sure if it was the onion or garlic or cheese flavor (none of which I'm too keen on) that caught me off guard, but the first Dorito was gross. Obviously from eating them before I knew I would get used to the taste and quickly become a chip-eating-monster. I just find it interesting that I've tried a lot of foods in my life and decided at the first bite that I didn't like it, yet here's this Dorito phenomenon.

The short version of this post is "have you ever noticed how the first Dorito is so awful & pungent to your taste buds and then you get used to it?".

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