October 17, 2010

New Developments + A Big Trip!?

Ahoy! So check this out... I've been messing around with Picasa Web (another Google application) and found out some super neat things. First of all I've created several photo albums, see them here. You can see exactly where the pictures were taken on the left side of the photo page which is cool! Also at the top right side of this page you'll see the "Where am I now?" section.. that's literally where I'm at. Google has released Latitude for the mobile device that updates as I'm moving from place to place. It also tells you how long ago it was updated at the bottom of the map. Pretty neat!

In other news my friend Kevin whom I stayed with (for 5 weeks) at the Grand Canyon is looking to take an English teaching class out in Colorado starting Nov 1 2010. We've decided that if he makes it into the class (it's currently full), we're driving out there for at least the month of November and likely December as well. Obviously I'll keep ya posted on that but if it doesn't work out I'm just going to drive North up to New England and visit this homeless guy and then head West and maybe South to Texas for a climbing trip. I'm not sure what I'm doing tomorrow though so this is all going to change I'm sure.

October 10, 2010

Blog Idea

I'm always reading about people making bank (lots of money) off of their blogs. Blogs about traveling, blogs about pet toys, blogs about anything you can think of. Finding a niche seems to be key.. and that's hard to do now-a-days. I've been thinking about blogging from a dirtbag's perspective and really making this 'living out of my car' idea work. At the moment my funds are the deciding factor and I'm doing quite a few things to help with the situation.

I'm not sure how the public would respond to a blog about living free nearly everywhere, some illegal and some legal. I get tired of reading "how to stay at a 5 start hotel for a 3 star price". I don't want to stay in a hotel, even if it's cheap @ $39/night. Had I done that I would have spent $2,800 extra. I pay for food & gas and that's it. Stayed in Vegas for free, had a chauffeur and personal cook (not literally) near Pensacola, FL, and stayed for free at various national parks. I want to write about how I did these things and encourage others to open their minds to traveling & living without all of these amenities.

Maybe taking a big trip soon and I've talked to the guy who owns Dirtbagging.com so maybe I'll have some good news in a few weeks and some new things to write about. I may be on my way to Denver, CO in 3 weeks?