December 29, 2009

Tomorrow's The Day

Planning to leave tomorrow morning before 6am. I HAVE to make sure I'm completely packed tonight! I know I'll forget some things because I'm a pro at that, just hope I can pick one up on the road or learn to do without it (preferably the later).

My best friend came over today and we spent the entire day together, eating @ our favorite places, reminiscing, and we went to Verizon where I picked out a new phone. I bought the Motorola Droid so I keep the blog updated, have a reliable GPS with turn-by-turn navigation, and even use the phone for internet when my laptop has no wireless network to connect to. The plan will cost me $29.99 montly and insurance was $7.99 monthly (covers lost and stolen!). I had the idea yesterday to include a financial overview of my traveling expenses since I would be interested if I were in your shoes, and also so I myself can keep an eye on what I'm spending versus what I'm making.

As soon as my friend wakes up (my bed is comfy) we're going to eat at the best pizza place in Carrollton, GA or either cook the very first meal we ever cooked together, again. Stir fry chicken, steamed rice & vegetables, and corn wrapped in soft shell with a fruit bowl to top it off!

I'm not sure where I'll be blogging from tomorrow or if I'll even have internet. I'll have to download the application and get it setup so I can use my phone for internet on my laptop or else find a free WiFi location. Speaking of that! If you ever need to find local WiFi for free, check out

December 28, 2009

The Initial Tid Bits

So I've come back to my college living arrangement (house with 2 roommates) to get my things packed for this epic adventure. It's the day after Christmas when I got back and NO ONE was home, better yet NO ONE was even in town. So I'm doing everything alone. Eating, packing, driving around, shopping for a few things, it was pretty lonely. Now I'm getting closer to leaving and a few friends have gotten back into town and I've spent some time with them which felt good. My bestest friend in the world is coming to hang with me tomorrow so I'm excited about that!

You'd be surprised how small your clothes will pack down; I have everything clothing article I need in two 25L containers! I did take a big load to Goodwill today to lighten up my wardrobe, but this is all for my clothing needs with the exception of 3 jackets and 3 pairs of shoes. I thought I was going to have one helluvatime getting everything packed into one Xterra but I must say it's going to be pretty simple. Just hope I have all that I need.

Oh, one more thing! I put together some shoes from Hobby Lobby (a shoe kit) and threw them in the closet months ago. As I was going through my things deciding what to pack/donate/trash,  and I almost threw these shoes away. Then I remembered the dry-erase markers covered in dust in a corner of my room and walla! Now I have some official traveling shoes.

Gotta go finish packing, peace!