September 26, 2010

Hello strangers!

It's been a looonng time since I've written anything here. The reason? Mainly because once I got back from my big trip out West, it's been pretty boring around here in Georgia. I've gotten back into rock climbing as of lately, did some traveling to a few East Coast beaches and stayed about two weeks worth overall.

I've overhauled my web design business with a new name and a different focus and that seems to be working out for the better. I have a few more ideas to secure into place and hopefully business will pick up because of these ideas. I've been thinking about getting a "real job" for 6 months or a year or so just to pay off everything and get a new ride. I want a 4x4 Xterra instead of the 2WD i have currently.

Anyway this just a short update I thought I would send out. I'll be making a new video soon with better updates so stay tuned... I guess.